Otti Flepp

Our job is also our passion. We love the mountains, our nature, the calm, new challenges, meeting new people and guests and being spontaneous and easy. We love sharing our experiences and moments with our guests.

Otti Flepp, the head of MUNTOGNAS GmbH, a mountain guide from Disentis/Mustér, is not only familiar with the mountains and tours in Graubünden. Flepp is a mountain guide, certified course trainer for work at heights (PSAgA/SUVA) who loves working with people. He is supported by the MUNTOGNAS GmbH team consisting of his wife Emerita and seasonally by other mountain guides, crystal miners and experts. Emerita and Otti Flepp have three children.

What are your mountain dreams and plans? We look forward to meeting you.

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  • Mountain guide IVBV
  • Passenger paraglider pilot SHV
  • Working on the rope Level 3 / Expert
  • Safety officer: Winter opening of the Lukmanier pass
  • Rock blasting course B (SAFAS)
  • Avalanche blasting course
  • Certified snow sports instructor