Training courses in rock and ice

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Our alpine training course will take you high up. As certified mountain guides we can show you the basic techniques of alpine mountaineering. Besides different climbing techniques on rock and ice walls, we’ll also show you correct rope handling. Most importantly you’ll also learn the different belay methods. With this knowledge, you’ll be ready to handle alpine tours on your own.

1-day training:

This includes a basic knowledge of alpine mountaineering. We’ll practice the theory directly on rock and ice.

2-day training:

Depending on the weather, the training during these 2 days will be held on different glaciers:

  • Morteratsch glacier in the Engadin
  • Rhone glacier at the Furka pass
  • Stein glacier at the Susten pass

Hotel accommodations are available at each training location.

The in-depth multi-day training includes the following:

  • Rock training
  • Setting up belay stations
  • Rappel techniques
  • Ice training
  • Handling crampons and ice axe
  • Ice climbing
  • Walking with the rope
  • Anchoring and crevasse rescue

Combination possibilities:

  • Alpine tours

Private starting at CHF 650/day
Groups of 4-8 people starting at CHF 165 per person/day
Excl. accommodations, transport

Our summer programme 2023


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