Outdoor climbing

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Our home, Switzerland, is a paradise for climbing. Climbing, ‘plaisir` climbing, sport climbing or alpine climbing, we can offer a wide range and whatever you choose, you’ll always be well-secured and so can fully enjoy the countless possibilities. Together we’ll go on multi-pitch tours and climb mountain peaks with amazing panoramic views and enjoy the fresh mountain or ocean breeze in our climbing courses in and outside of Switzerland.

Alpine climbing

We have several offers for alpine climbing – the ultimate climbing discipline. The length of the belay as well as the inherent problems on the rock make alpine climbing very unique and challenging. We’ll guide you with our multi-pitch tours up to the peak and back. Always well secured.

In order to be able to go on a breathtaking, panoramic multi-pitch tour with us, you need to have experience in rope handling and good self-assessment.

The view and the stillness on the Piz Cavardiras – our local ridge is one of a kind. This route, however, should not to be underestimated and can be compared to the Stüdelgrat as well as the Speranzagrat.

Other challenging areas for alpine climbing are:
• Slab climbing at the Grimsel
• Alpine tours on the Susten and Furka
• Classics in the Bergell
• Zevreila-Vals
• Multi-pitch in the Tessin

Private starting at CHF 650/day
Excl. transport costs

Sport climbing

Our sport climbing offers also take you high up – feel your own power and experience nature first-hand. Sport climbing offers unlimited possibilities which we can discover together on the rock.

We also offer climbing courses in local rock climbing gardens or in the Tessin.
This offer is also ideal for families.

Private starting at CHF 650/day
Group of 5-8 people starting at CHF 165 per person/day

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