Rope Park Adventure

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The ultimate thrill above the youthful Rhine: Our rope park “Curtin Medelin” is undoubtedly one of the most adventurous experiences in the Disentis Sedrun area. Between the towering cliffs of a gorge in the Rein da Medel, our experts built a course that offers ultimate thrills with a mixture of climbing, rappelling, zip line rides, suspension bridges and a via ferrata. Accompanied by our professional guides, you’ll experience an adventurous summer in the mountains around Disentis and Curaglia – or have you ever ridden a bicycle on a tightrope, with nothing but rushing water below?

The rope park “Curtin Medelin” is ideal for families with children aged 8 and over and also perfect for larger groups, clubs or as a team event. For groups, clubs and companies with a minimum of 15 people we will open “Curtin Medelin” on the day of your choice. “Curtin Medelin” can be booked exclusively through Muntognas.

In case you’d like to come on another day, just let us know. Depending on the demand and the weather, we may spontaneously decide to open the rope park for additional days.

Possible combinations:
• Archery
• Search for crystals
• Build a Nepal bridge
• Dam Wall Abseiling

Individuals and Guest Programme Sedrun Disentis 

Every Thursday,  from 4th July to 14th August and 3th to 17th October 2024 at 13:30 the “Curtin Medelin” is open for individual guests as well and can be booked through the guest programme “ Bialas Vacances” with Sedrun Disentis Tourism. The equipment is provided.

Further days open: The Rope Park Adventure is also open for individual guests on several other days: 19.05., 25.05., 30.05., 01.06.2024


Adults CHF 38, Children CHF 32
(incl climbing equipment)

Sign up a days before by 16:00.
Sign-up “Bialas vacanzes”

Group bookings

“Curtin Medelin” can only be booked through Muntognas. The guides guaranty maximum safety. The rope park is ideal for families with children aged 8 and over. The adventure is even more fun in a large group with clubs or as a team event.

For groups, clubs and companies the “Curtin Medelin” is open on the day of your choice with a minimum of 15 people.

Starting at CHF 29/person

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