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We’re going on a treasure hunt together – to find the hidden gems of the Surselva. Disentis/Mustèr and the surrounding area –in particular Val Cristallina and Lai Alv –are known for their abundance in a variety of minerals making it the perfect place to search for crystals.

Guest program Sedrun Disentis Tourism – Individual booking

During high season from 22th June to October 20th 2021 we’ll be leading the Sedrun Disentis program “Bialas Vacanzes” to explore the world of crystals. We will meet every Wednesday morning at 8:45 at the bottom of the cable car station of the Bergbahnen Disentis in Sedrun. (Train arrive at 8.31 from Disentis). Upon arriving at 2’500 meters altitude equipped with a hammer we’ll hike to the crystal “hot-spots”. After a hopefully successful treasure hunt we’ll hike our way down (ca. 4 hours) to Cuolm Vi where the cable car will take us the rest of the way down the mountain back to Sedrun/Salins. This tour is suitable for children ages 6 and up and will be offered with a minimum of 10 people. We also offer the tour during low season.

Price:(incl. prospecting equipment and guide)
Adults CHF 38
Children (ages 6 to 15) CHF 32

Please take the guest card with you. Guests without a guest card or valid lift ticket will be charged an additional cost.

Individual booking

As experienced local mineral explorers, we’ll create an individual program and take you or your group along into the world of crystals and help you find the hidden treasures. With our expertise and safe guidance all you need is a little luck.

Price for 1 day tour: starting at CHF 650
(incl. prospecting equipment, excl. permit and rail tickets)

Group booking

Guest program of Sedrun Disentis Tourism shown below also applies to schools, clubs, and other groups. The days are freely selectable, of course.

Price: Upon request
(incl. prospecting equipment and cable car tickets)

Sign-up “Guest program”

Cristal Muesums

Mueseum Cristallina, Disentis

Museum La Truaisch

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