Avalanche courses

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We’ll show you how to enjoy powder snow to the fullest with calculable risks. Learn to recognize avalanche dangers and how to use the safety equipment correctly in case of emergency. We offer several avalanche courses so that you’re on the safe side.

Basic course (1 or 2days)

On this day, you will learn the basic principles of avalanches and handling avalanche transceivers, probes and shovels, which you’ll then be able to practice directly on site.

Course contents:

• Snowpack and layering
• Planning tours
• Elementary reduction method
• Avalanche bulletin and snow situation
• Recognising danger signs
• Recognising terrain shapes
• Estimating slope inclinations
• Handling avalanche transceivers, probes and shovels
• We need the app white risk from SLF

Dates: See Lawinenkurse

Advanced course (1 or 2 days)

Have you already been on several easy tours and would like to learn more about the complex nature of snow? Thanks to our advanced course you will learn further theoretical and practical avalanche knowledge in order for you to be able to plan and go on tours of moderate difficulty on your own.

Course contents:
• Assessing snow pack and layering
• Interpreting the avalanche bulletin
• Recognizing danger signs
• Assessing the terrain
• Track setting
• Route choice
• Risk assessment
• Ascent and descent tactic
• Handling avalanche transceivers, probes and shovels
• Tour planning
• Meteorology

Dates: See Lawinenkurse


Groups of 4 to 8 people CHF 180.00-190.00 per person/day
excl. overnight stay, half board, tickets, etc.

Private starting at CHF 650.00/day

We also rent avalanche rescue equipment.

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