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Whether on skis or a snowboard we’ll take you high up into the back country of the alps – and experience unforgettable moments together. Tours are bookable for one or several days. We offer easy beginner tours up to challenging ascents – either way we promise you an individual outdoor experience. Naturally with an experienced guide who can provide professional risk management.

The day begins early with the climb up to breathtaking, snow-covered peaks. After an impressive ascent, you’ll be rewarded with a spectacular view before we make our way down the powdery slopes. We’ll leave our tracks behind and meet at the bottom for a warming drink where we can savor our memories of a wonderful day.
Our ski tour classics are the Oberalpstock and the Tödi. Around the alpine passes of Oberalp and Lukmanier there are several peaks that offer ideal conditions for interesting ski tours. The tour possibilities within the Surselva are unlimited. Ask us about our tour possibilities outside of our region or even outside of Switzerland.

Private starting at CHF 650/day
Groups of 5-8 people from CHF 140 per person/day

Every Tuesday

we go on a light ascent for 2-3 hours, and enjoy being away from the hustle and bustle. The way down will be pure pleasure.

Prices: CHF 140 per person, minimum 5 people
Please sign up the evening before, by 17:00


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