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Safety is our highest priority. For this reason, we have specialised ourselves in the safety of streets, residents and trails. We offer various solutions in the areas of rock clearing and forestry work.

Loose rock formations above the roads, can pose a danger for traffic and people. It is our job to clear away the loose rocks while secured on a rope. We also carry out the work of felling trees that are in danger of falling and various other forestry work with great precision. In addition, we prepare geological expertises with regard to rockfall hazards in cooperation with geologists. Our offer includes rock safety work, rock clearance and blasting in case of acute danger.

In addition to rock clearance and forestry work, we also offer industrial work in inaccessible areas. Besides assembly and maintenance work in hard to reach areas, we also (unsicher ob korrekt: carry out work over immovable obstacles.)

Our special access procedure allows us to assemble in heights and depths, such as checking bridge pillars or reading measurements. Together with you, we will work out the most efficient approach to solve your problem.

We offer our competent work in the following areas:

• Rock clearing /forestry work
• Industrial work
• Consulting and conception of safety measures
• Various assembly and disassembly work in hard-to-reach places
• Blasting operations
• Work on facades
• Setting climbing routes

We also carry out work as a subcontractor. We would be happy to advise you personally about our wide range of services.

Our references:

• Tiefbauamt Graubünden
• Eberle Landschaftsbau und Geotechnik AG
• Berther Bau und Industrie AG
• Axpo/Kraftwerke in der Surselva
• Strabag AG
• Erni AG
• Schweizer Bergführerverband


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